5 Tips for Winning With Colour at Home.

Featuring Subtle Verdant by Katie-Lee Webster
From the Paint It Strange palette

5 Tips for Winning With Colour at Home.

Colour doesn’t need to be scary. An easy and affordable way to elevate your home, all to your style, there is a lot to love. 

Whether a big, bold application or small DIY project, whatever your colour confidence, there is always an opportunity for colour, and we’ve compiled our top 5 tips to help you nail colour in your next PPG Paints project.

Take cues from colour psychology

5 Tips for Winning With Colour at Home.

Featuring Oatmeal by Tara Canton
From the Paint It Strange palette

You can use colour to create a mood within any space, whatever your style. Understanding how colours evoke different feelings can help you plan how you want a room to feel. 

We've covered some of our go-to's below:

  • Green is considered the most restful colour. Offering a calming effect and relieving stress, green paint colours are great for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen.
  • Orange is considered an energetic colour. Evoking a sense of excitement and enthusiasm, orange paint colours are great for spaces where activity is part of the daily scene.
  • Purple is the colour of sophistication. Where dark shades evoke this feeling, lighter purples encourage relaxation. With shades offering versatility, purple paint colours are well-suited for bedrooms, living rooms and offices.
  • Blue is the colour of stability and calm. Evoking a sense of tranquillity, blue paint colours are perfect for bedrooms or anywhere you seek to get away from daily stresses.
  • Yellow represents happiness. Energetic and bright, yellow paint colours are great for living and dining spaces.

Take inspiration from your surroundings

5 Tips for Winning With Colour at Home.

Featuring Simple Things by Marianne Leigh
From the Paint It Strange palette

If you are feeling a little apprehensive about introducing colour into your space, or you're simply unsure of what colour to go with, don’t be! 

Chances are you are already surrounded by colours at home, colours you have taken a natural affinity to, and colours you have introduced into your home without overthinking it.

By reflecting on colours you already have around you, not only will you find something that complements your existing space, it will  automatically come from a place of admiration.

Go as big or small as you want to

5 Tips for Winning With Colour at Home.

Features Dowling Street by Billie Comer (Wall) and Otago Sunrise by Sam Charlesworth (Door)
From the Paint It Strange palette.

You don’t need to pressure yourself into going big with colour from the get-go. Sample pots are a super simple way to get a feel of colour within a space before you commit, plus you can try out multiple colours at once. 

Sample pots are also great for small DIY applications, with enough paint to spruce up a pre-loved item and give it a new lease of life while introducing a pop of colour in your space. 

If a wall is too big and daunting, painting an adjacent door is a great alternative to introduce colour to a space. Whether it is your front door or an internal door, surrounding walls should typically be neutral to allow the colour to pop. However, if you want to go bold like our above example, a contrasting tone will create visual interest.

Colour blocking is your friend

5 Tips for Winning With Colour at Home.

Featuring Maple Masala by Mayank Kumar
From the Paint It Strange palette

Dressing the room in tones similar to your chosen paint colour can often prove to be a more palatable way of working with colour while also achieving an impressively stylised effect. 

For example, you could bring in accent pieces like prints with your colour before optionally taking it one step further by layering in textiles, furniture and objects in tactile materials of similar saturation to tie it all together.

Provide breathing space

It's good to be mindful when it comes to the breadth of colour in your space. It's all about balance. For example, when going bold with paint colours on your walls, it's easy for the wall to end up dominating the space. 

By keeping furnishings neutral with clean white pieces and textural accents, you can create depth while helping to bring a sense of sophistication and confidence to your space. Things like metals, marble, reflective surfaces and warm lighting are your friend here.

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